If you are curious about the services, if it would be a good fit or have questions then we would love to schedule a meet & greet. We can meet at your home, the park or just talk on the phone. There is no charge for the initial meeting, as we want to make sure that we know your and your pet's needs and strive to exceed your expectations. **There may be additional fees outside of Murfreesboro.
Our walks aren't just your average dog walks. We consider this your dog's time. While we set expectations and use positive reinforcement to communicate desired behaviors with your dog, once we have have established good communication, we let the dog lead the way, so to speak. Mental stimulation is as important as the physical exercise and, with many dogs, "wear them out" quicker. Allowing them the time to explore, sniff and learn their environment is important for their mental health. We like to refer to our walks as "sniff-aris". During our walks we also make sure they are being good citizens, clean up after them and make sure their needs are met, communicating any changes, concerns, successes and pictures with you so that you know about their excursion. I do offer frequency discounts. If your dog is need of a walk outside of listed times, please text me at 615-956-9029. If I am available, I will be happy to add your dog to my schedule. "After Hours" fee may apply. **There may be additional fees outside of Murfreesboro.
Drop in visits are available to on check on pets that don't require a walk, feed/water and take outside for a potty break, playtime, medication administration, etc. Drop in visits can be used for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish and reptiles (we do not feed live animals to reptiles). **There may be additional fees outside of Murfreesboro.
Many pets find boarding at a facility stressful when you have to be away. We offer in-home pet sitting, which provides the added bonus of house sitting, to allow your pet to safely stay in their own environment, while you are away. We take care of all of their needs from feeding/watering, potty breaks/litterbox clean outs, medication administration, exercise, short walks, play-time, cuddle-time, whatever they need. We are with your pets all night and several times throughout the day. You will receive a check-in & check-out notices along with updates and pictures throughout the stay. We will also bring in packages and mail, if desired, so you don't have to have them held or worry. **There may be additional fees outside of Murfreesboro.  ***Standard check in time on the first night is 6:00pm and standard check out time on the last day is no later than 10:30am. Any visits required outside of these times will need to be requested as separate appointments and will incur those additional fees. 
Our farm care pricing is based on the type & number of animals being cared for and the amount of time expected to complete daily tasks. Please message with details for a quote.
If your pet needs a ride ride to the vet, groomer, grandma's house, wherever and you are busy at work, we will be happy to transport your pet, properly restrained for safety. **There may be additional fees outside of Murfreesboro.